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Connecting You to the Universe in Science Week 2024

This year during Science Week the astronomers of the Sydney Institute for Astronomy have specifically set aside the time to bring our exciting science into the community. If your organisation is fascinated by space, intrigued by the universe or dazzled by the solar system—why not ask for an astronomer?

An in-person or virtual visit from a Sydney-based astronomer can be arranged to complement upcoming Science Week activities. For more details and to register your interest go to the Universe in Science Week 2024.

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SIfA Seminars

SIfA Seminars are held weekly on Fridays from 11 am to 12 pm in LT5 at the School of Physics building (A28). If you wish to give a talk or presentation please email Thor Tepper García and Courtney Crawford. Seminars are 40 minutes long, and, given the broad interests in the Institute, we encourage speakers to cater to a varied audience. If you would prefer to give a shorter talk (e.g. a research highlight or a recent conference presentation) then we can also accommodate speakers at our morning tea meeting at 10:15 am on Mondays.

If you are visiting Sydney and would like to give a talk please let us know. If you are a Sydney-based academic with an interesting visitor please encourage them to visit SIfA and give a seminar.

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Professor Walter Stibbs Lectures bring one or two distinguished astronomers to the University of Sydney each year to present a scientific colloquium on astrophysics to the School of Physics, plus present a public lecture open to everyone.

Read more about Professor Walter Stibbs.

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