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SIfA Seminars

SIfA Seminars are held weekly on Fridays from 11 am to 12 pm in LT5 at the School of Physics building (A28). If you wish to give a talk or presentation please email Thor Tepper García and Courtney Crawford. Seminars are 40 minutes long, and, given the broad interests in the Institute, we encourage speakers to cater to a varied audience. If you would prefer to give a shorter talk (e.g. a research highlight or a recent conference presentation) then we can also accommodate speakers at our morning tea meeting at 10:15 am on Mondays.

If you are visiting Sydney and would like to give a talk please let us know. If you are a Sydney-based academic with an interesting visitor please encourage them to visit SIfA and give a seminar.

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Professor Walter Stibbs Lectures bring one or two distinguished astronomers to the University of Sydney each year to present a scientific colloquium on astrophysics to the School of Physics, plus present a public lecture open to everyone.

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