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Our seminar series has finished for 2019. Our upcoming 2020 schedule will appear here shortly.

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Previous Seminars


Date Time Speaker Title
25/1/19 11am Lucia Armillotta Metal mixing during star cluster formation
1/2/19 11am Andrew Hopkins Measuring the stellar initial mass function
8/2/19 11am Matthew Baring A Multiwavelength Perspective on Acceleration and Radiation in Extragalactic Jets
15/2/19 11am Toshi Futamase Possibe constraits on neutrino mass and dark energy from the lensing dispersion of the magnitude-redshift relation of Type Ia supernovae
1/3/19 11am Chris Tinney VELOCE
8/3/19 11am Ahmed Elagali Studies of Interacting Galaxies & the Environmental Effects on Their Evolution
15/3/19 11am Kate Rowlands Caught in the act: using post starburst galaxies to chart galaxy transformationv
22/3/19 11am Jo Dawson Shining Light on the Dark ISM
29/3/19 11am Robert Jedicke Super catastrophic asteroid disruption
5/4/19 11am Maria Cunningham Radio Astronomy in the Era of Large surveys: Interpreting the results of large, multi-molecular-line datasets of the molecular ISM
9/4/19 11am Nicholas Martin Mining and mapping the first generations of stars with the Pristine CaH&K survey
12/4/19 11am Amelia Fraser-McKelvie The complicated lives of disk galaxies: lessons from IFS
3/5/19 11am Nichole Barry The Future of EoR Structure Limits
10/5/19 11am Nell Byler Ultraviolet spectral diagnostics for star forming galaxies at high redshift
16/5/19 2pm Kim Venn Data Analysis and Machine Learning in Astrophysical Stellar Spectroscopic Surveys
17/5/19 11am Mahavir Sharma Cosmic Reionization and its fossils in the Milky Way
31/5/19 11am Aman Khalid, Hillary Davis Special Studies Project student talks
7/6/19 11am Peter Cottrell Interpreting stellar spectra or “The life of a spectroscopist”
28/6/19 11am Dane Kleiner MeerKAT early science of the Fornax galaxy Cluster
5/7/19 11am Guillaume Drouart The GLEAMing of the first supermassive black holes
26/7/19 11am Daniel Cotton A New Age of Stellar Polarimetry
29/7/19 2pm Alan McConnachie The Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer
30/8/19 1am Shivani Bhandari Radio Transients*
6/9/19 11am Phil Taylor Galaxy Simulations*
13/9/19 11am Shi Dai Searching for pulsars in radio continuum surveys
27/9/19 11am AAO-USyd SAIL labs students Instrumentation projects at USyd
4/10/19 11am Rob Sharp Infrared astronomy and instrumentation innovations
8/10/19 4pm Honours talk James Crowley
11/10/19 11am-12:30pm Honours talks Yinuo Han; Tom Rutherford; Geoff Herkes
18/10/19 11am KD Leka Understanding and Forecasting The Solar Origins of Space Weather
25/10/19 11am Lorenzo Spina The Milky Way*
7/11/19 11am Magda Anaboldi Galaxy Clusters
8/11/19 11am Mansi Kasliwal Gravitational Waves
15/11/19 11am Chiaki Kobayashi The origin of elements and their evolution in galaxies


Date Time Speaker Title