2019 HUNSTEAD WORKSHOP: Dynamical Models of Observed Galaxies

The University of Sydney, 3-7 June 2019

Large new IFS Galaxy Surveys allow for a more detailed insight in the dynamical properties of galaxies than ever before. IFS instruments such as VLT-MUSE, AAT-SAMI, and MaNGA are now intensively used by the Australian community to understand how galaxies build up their mass and angular momentum over time. At the same time, there has been a revolution in surveying the Milky Way with ESA-Gaia, GALAH and APOGEE, resulting in an extraordinary number of recent publications on the dynamical properties of our own Galaxy.

Dynamical models of galaxies are crucial for interpreting all these stellar kinematic measurements, but fitting these models still requires a significant amount of effort and expertise. This workshop is aimed at making dynamical fitting and modelling more accessible to the Galactic and extragalactic community.

2018 HUNSTEAD WORKSHOP: Planets in Peculiar Places

The University of Sydney, 5-6 April 2018.


Exoplanetary science since 1995 has been dominated by a race to find the most Earth-like planets around the most Sun-like stars, but there are much stranger worlds in much more exotic systems than this. While we are beginning to have a clear picture of the formation and evolution of planetary systems around solar-like main-sequence stars, we are in the dark about planets around more massive stars in their lives and various afterlives. The Sydney Institute for Astronomy is hosting a Hunstead Workshop to bring together the vibrant and diverse community beginning to address these questions, interleaving talks by observers and theorists, focusing especially on the Australian contributions to asteroseismology and transit searches (Kepler, TESS), radial velocity (e.g. Veloce, RHEA, Minerva), pulsar timing, direct imaging, and large spectroscopic surveys, and how we can tie these efforts together to understand the strange physics of planets in these peculiar places.


The University of Sydney , 5-6 December 2017